1. Who does the boat belong to?

Kennedy belongs to the property owner and has the hotel as its permanent harbour. The trawler is built in Lovisa, east of Helsinki and has been used for fishing in the Baltic Sea. It has been completely rebuilt and sleeps 6 persons and has a sauna, shower and well equipped kitchen. During the summer months the trawler is usually away in the finnish archipelago. Kennedy occasionnally does private cruises. Get in touch with the reception if you want to learn more.
PS. Nobody knows why it’s called Kennedy but everybody know that you do not change the name of a boat, that means bad luck.

2. Ekenäs, Tammisaari, Raseborg or Raasepori? Make up your mind!

In 2009, the town of Raseborg was created from Pojo commune and the towns of Ekenäs and Karis. Over 65% of the population speaks Swedish as their mother tongue so all street names and names of places are mentioned in Swedish and in Finnish. So, Ekenäs and Tammisaari are the Swedish and Finnish names for the same place. Raseborg and Raasepori are the Swedish and Finnish names for the town.

Because Raseborg is a combination of smaller towns there is no such thing as the Raseborg center. The biggest centers in Raseborg can be found in Ekenäs and Karis. The name of Raseborg dates back to 1378 and the former Raseborg castle, today the ruins of one of Finland’s oldest castles.

3. Is the hotel open all year around?

Yes! Even though Ekenäs and Raseborg is most busy during the summer, there is a lot to see and experience during the autumn as well as the winter. On our main page we inform you of a number of interesting local events. During Christmas we have a longer holiday. You can find more detailed information about our opening hours on the “Hotel” page.

4. May we bring our dog to your hotel?
Yes! We have a few rooms where pets are allowed but remember to mention your pet when booking the room. More information regarding pets can be found on the Hotel page.

5. We are attending a wedding, may we check in before 3 pm?

We try our best to make sure that guests attending weddings or other parties would be able to check-in earlier than 3 pm. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee this because check-out is at noon and our house-keeping needs enough time to finish their work. We recommend that you call us one day before arrival and ask! Check- in before 1 pm is subject to a charge. (10€/h).

6. We would like to stay at the hotel after noon on the day of check-out, is it possible? 

It depends on the situation. If your room is booked for the following night, we must insist on check-out at noon, if not, you may stay an extra hour. Check-out later than 1 pm is subject to a charge (10 €/h).

7. I need a lactose free and a gluten free diet, can this be arranged?

We always have lactose free milk and youghurt at the breakfast buffet. Please mention your gluten free diet when checking in so we can make sure that we’ll have fresh, home baked gluten free bread for breakfast the next morning.

8. Why is your hotel marked as fully booked on different on-line bookings sites but when we call you, you have vacant rooms? 

In order to administrate our rooms in the best possible way, as well as, avoid over booking, we have only a few rooms available on different on-line booking sites. The sites always market the rooms as the “last available rooms” even though there may be more vacant rooms. If we have only a couple of rooms left, it is not even possible to book them through any website. It is always worth to get in touch with us directly, via phone or e-mail and ask if we have any vacancy!